The undersigned authorize(s) Rabbi Jonathan I. Rosenblatt and/or Rabbi Yitzi Genack and/or Rabbi Oran Zweiter and/or Rabbi Gideon Rothstein and/or Rabbi Joshua Mazlow and/or Rabbi Mordy Prus and/or Rabbi Shaya Katz of the Riverdale Jewish Center, Bronx, NY, acting either singly or together, to act in my/our behalf and to sell, before the coming Passover, all my/our Hametz as enumerated below, all in accordance with Jewish Law and prevalent Jewish custom. The Hametz is found especially at (list address(s)):

This authorization includes the sale of Hametz that is in my/our possession, and also goods that would be delivered to me/us during the period of April 3 through April 11 of this year, as well as Hametz which I/we may own in full or in part through a controlling interest (as defined in the U.S. Securities Laws) in shares of stock in corporations which sell or deal in Hametz. All such Hametz is to be sold to a non-Jew of the Rabbi's choosing, within the time that it is still legally permitted to do so. The purchaser shall also have free access to the Hametz or any part thereof, and to any storage area in my/our possession which will be rented to him together with the sale. The place where the Hametz is located is to be rented to the buyer for the period of April 3 through April 11 of this year, and the Rabbi is authorized to act as agent for such rental. The buyer's deposit and rental fee are to be retained by the Rabbi as compensation.

Incorporated by reference in this document, are the terms and conditions contained in the omnibus bill of sale and rental agreement to be executed by the Rabbi with the non-Jew at the time of the sale. Such terms and conditions shall be deemed as if set forth expressly in this Authorization. This authorization shall be binding by my/our signature(s) below, or by the kinyan (form of legal transfer under Jewish Law) constituted by the taking hold of a garment.

Executed this day of 2015, of the Common Era, in the city or town of without any reservations whether stated or implied, and in good faith.


I confirm that the above signature counts as a binding signature:

The Hametz I possess includes the following:

Types of Hametz

  • Groceries
  • Liquor
  • Medicines
  • Toiletries
  • Pet foods

Exact Location(s)

  • Kitchen
  • Pantry
  • Living Room
  • Garage
  • Attic
  • Bathroom
  • Bar
  • Bedroom
  • Office (with address above)
  • Automobile
  • Pet container (aquaria, etc.)
  • Other (specify)

Estimated Value of Hametz

(For all those who will be away all of Pesach)

The keys providing access to the Hametz sold above may be found with

You can no longer sell chometz this year.
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