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Rabbi Yitzi Genack

      Rabbi Yitzi Genack



Rabbi Yitzi Genack joined the Riverdale Jewish Center rabbinic team in 2010. Since that time, Rabbi Genack served as Rabbinic Intern, Assistant Rabbi, Acting Rabbi and was appointed as Associate Rabbi in 2018. Rabbi Genack earned his BA in mathematics at Yeshiva College, Semicha from RIETS and MA in Medieval Jewish History at Yeshiva University. Rabbi Genack was awarded a Wexner Fellowship from Yeshiva University’s Kollel Elyon. During that four year fellowship, Rabbi Genack pursued intensive Talmudic and Halachic study and advanced pastoral training.

Rabbi Genack is passionate about people and Torah, and he finds great satisfaction in teaching and counseling. In his drashot and shiurim, Rabbi Genack vividly brings to life the values of the Torah and Tradition with thoughtful analysis and sensible application. Rabbi Genack is dedicated to sensitive pastoral care and support. In this way, he uses his training and experience to elevate life’s celebrations and guide people through hardship and loss.

Rabbi Genack is deeply engaged with Riverdale’s diverse families and individuals. He gives weekly shiurim to retirees which creates a vibrant learning environment in our Beit Midrash.  Rabbi Genack also cherishes the close relationships he has developed with the youth in our community. He has helped to expand and develop our SNL - Saturday Night Learning and Friday evening Kinder Minyan programs. 

Rabbi Genack has introduced innovative programs bringing together people for Torah study through technology and social media. The RJC Q&A WhatsApp group has over 250 active participants and answers thousands of questions a year, and Rabbi Genack has assisted other synagogues in implementing similar programs. Rabbi Genack also hosts a weekly parsha podcast, “Drasha Deconstructed,” which teaches the parsha while giving a behind the scenes look at the process of crafting of a professional drasha.

Rabbi Genack is also an eight-grade Rebbe at the Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey in River Edge. In this role he sees the unique opportunity to influence two communities at multiple levels. He also focuses on the intersection between modern middle school education and the community shul dynamic. In the classroom he often gives examples from his real life experience in pastoral care, psak and teaching a diverse community. Rabbi Genack also serves as a member of the executive board of the Rabbinical Council of America.

Shoshana Genack enjoys hosting Shabbat meals, organizing women’s learning opportunities, counseling, supporting and making friends with the wonderful members of the community. Shoshana is an outpatient dietician and diabetes educator at New York Presbyterian. Rabbi Yitzi and Shoshana Genack have five boys who all enjoy being part of the RJC family.

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Saturday, June 25, 2022 26 Sivan 5782