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Halacha Shiur with Rabbi Sher
Sundays, 7:30 AM
Join Rabbi Sher in the Hashkama Room for a weekly halacha shiur.
Shabbat Morning Parsha Shiur with Rabbi Dr. Moshe Drelich
Shabbat, following the 7:00 AM Shacharit
Join Rabbi Drelich for a weekly kiddush and inspiring parsha discussion.
Rabbi Sheer’s “Hashkama” Shiur
Shabbat, 10:30 AM or after the Hashkama Kiddush
That’s How My Grandparents Did It: Minhag America Revisited with Rabbi Zirkind
Shabbat, 45 minutes before Mincha
חבורה בספר מטה אפרים  with Rabbi Zirkind
Monday mornings, 7:00-7:45 PM

Mishmar with R’ Tzadok HaKohein of Lublin with Rabbi Zirkind
Thursdays, 8:45 PM
RJC/Yeshiva University Night Seder
Monday-Thursday, 8:00-9:30 PM
Bring a chavruta, come learn with your children, or reach out to us to connect you with a partner. Night Seder is generously sponsored L’elui Nishmat Esther bat Mordechai Menachem. Night Seder is on break for the summer.
Daf Yomi
Following 6:15 AM Shacharit, Monday-Friday (Beit Midrash)
7:30 AM Sunday (Beit Midrash)
One hour before last Mincha on Shabbat (Beit Midrash)
Zoom available Sun-Fri 
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Please e-mail with any questions about our weekly classes and shiurim. 

Thursday, September 29, 2022 4 Tishrei 5783