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Welcome to the Riverdale Jewish Center

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Community Pesach Video
For Pesach this year, we wanted to do something special
to wish the RJC community a Chag Sameach.

We'd like anyone who wants to participate to send a short video of you, alone or with your family, wishing everyone a Chag Sameach in a fun, creative way. You can make a sign, something out of legos, do a little dance, or anything you can think of. We'll compile all of the video clips together and send out the full video on Erev Pesach. 

by members of Ma'ayanot.

The deadline for video submissions is Sunday night, April 5. 
Click here to upload your video. 



As Pesach approaches, we want to make sure that everyone’s shopping and/or catering needs and virtual connection needs are met, while we engage in social distancing and protect those in high risk categories. We are looking to match volunteers with those who need some assistance.

Please fill out the following form by clicking here if you fit one of the following categories:

  • High risk, cannot leave your home, and/or would benefit from Pesach prep assistance
  • Feeling well, not in a high-risk group, and can volunteer to help someone in need

All Submissions Will Be Kept Confidential 


Dear Friends,

Social distancing during the Coronavirus challenges us to think creatively about how we can daven, learn, grow, and stay connected as a community during these unique times.

The RJC will offer a full array of classes and programs to engage our members and friends in the weeks ahead. Please join us for prayers, learning programs, chessed initiatives to assist the elderly, and much more. Join us often from wherever you are and help us keep our community vibrant and strong.

Keep an eye on your email for continuing updates and you can always check out our website for all of our offerings. Remember, our building is closed, but our community never closes.

Daily Davening and Learning

Daf Yomi
RJC Daf Yomi will continue via WhatsApp and Zoom. Learning will take place at 7:00 AM, Monday-Friday, and 7:30 AM on Sundays.
Click here to join the WhatsApp group.
Click here to join the Zoom video.
Meeting ID: 860 346 568
Call into the Zoom video by dialing:  1(646) 558-8656 Meeting ID: 860 346 568# 

Morning Mishna with Rabbi Zirkind, Sunday-Friday, 8:30 AM
Start the day with a short Mishna study in Mesechet Pesachim. Rabbi Zirkind will lead our learning in memory of those we would otherwise be saying Kaddish for in shul. Join us once or every day on Zoom.
Click here to join through Zoom video.
Meeting ID: 953 369 219
Call into the video by dialing:  1(646) 558-8656 Meeting ID: 953 369 219# 

6 Minute Special!
Join our new WhatsApp group as Rabbi Zirkind leads Tehillim followed by a 5 minute Dvar Torah. The recording will be shared in the WhatsApp group each weekday. It only takes six minutes to listen. Let’s daven TOGETHER! Using your phone, click here to join!

Tuesday Night Talmud with Rabbi Zirkind
April 21, 28 8:30 PM
Rabbi Zirkind invites the community to an engaging study of Mesechet Pesachim just in time for Yom Tov. No background is necessary. Use a Gemara from home or follow along with our shared source book. 
Click here to join through Zoom video.
Meeting ID: 903 185 190
Call into the video by dialing: 1 (646) 558-8656   Meeting ID 903 185 190#

Monday/Wednesday Lunch and Learn
Join Rabbi Zirkind and Rabbi Genack for virtual lunch as they share Divrei Torah. Lunch is scheduled for Wednesdays, March 18 and 25, and Monday, March 23, at 12:00 PM. 
Click here to join through Zoom video.
Meeting ID: 741 419 359
Call into the video by dialing: 1 (646) 558-8656   Meeting ID 741 419 359#

Rabbi Eliezer Sher’s Sunday Chabura
Rabbi Sher’s Sunday morning shiur will take place by phone on Sundays at 7:30 AM.
Dial-in Number: 1-605-475-5950
Access Code: 721 272
Sunday Night Pesach Series
“A Kosher Pesach” - March 22 at 8:30 PM
Rabbi Genack’s annual class, answering all of your Hilchot Pesach questions. 

If you missed the class Click here for a recording of Rabbi Genack’s annual kashering class.


No Better Time For Chessed

Phone Calls with Seniors
Many of our seniors are not able to leave their homes at this time and we need your help to connect with them more than ever. Please reach out to those you know or email Rabbi Genack to get connected with a senior that could use a fresh voice.

RJC Youth!

Get Ready For Shabbat with Rabbi Genack! 
Friday afternoons at 4:30 PM
Rabbi Genack will engage RJC Youth in a pre-Shabbat program. This is a great opportunity for our kids to see their friends and prepare for Parsha at home.
Click here to join the Zoom video.
Meeting ID: 218 704 952
Call into the video by dialing: 1 (646) 558-8656   Meeting ID 218 704 952#

The Riverdale Jewish Center (RJC) is a modern Orthodox community synagogue in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, New York. Since its founding in 1954, the RJC has served as the center of a diverse Jewish community—uniting, supporting, and inspiring the entire community in furtherance, and under the guidance, of eternal Torah law and values. The RJC’s numerous religious, social, and educational programs nourish individuals of all backgrounds and ages to grow in Torah learning, connect with God, and celebrate the beauty of Jewish life. Our members are devoted to working tirelessly for the spiritual growth and physical welfare of the Riverdale community, the Jewish people, the State of Israel, the United States of America, and humankind.

RJC Mission and Values Statement

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Parshat Tetzaveh

Friday, April 3, 2020 9 Nisan 5780